Friday, December 30, 2005

It's Probably Contagious!

The Asteroid of Amoeboid Fungus was populated due to the desire to end the confusing practice of posting pieces of my story at the tag end of posts on my main blog and instead initiate the confusing practice of posting random pieces of my story on this blog!
This is the Asteroid of Amoeboid Fungus because my story has the tendency for some parts to grow like a fungus, and then for whole chunks to separate from the main body and form their own living being, like an amoeba. I will post my frustrations about trying to cultivate Amoeboid Fungi on this blog, as well as bitch and moan about my fear that I won't have anything publishable by Deadline 02/15/2006 at 0600 hours. That is the Witching Hour in which I was born 41 years ago. That is the hour by which I damn well better be submitting things to the copyright office and my publisher. Or heads are gonna roll!
Whose heads? Well...actually the only "head" involved here is mine. So I best respect my authority, crack the whip on myself, and keep writing!
The Cheesemeister
Tyrant Queen of the Asteroid of Amoebic Fungus


Motherkitty said...

Boy, talk about putting pressure on yourself! I'm going to mark that date on my calendar to see if you really do follow through. Good luck.

cheesemeister said...

If I don't, you can laugh at me and post "ha ha ha--LOSER!" at this site. Don't worry, it won't upset me, my head will have been beaten bloody against my desk and I will be insensate!
I think it could just happen though...
See dictionary definition for "delusional!"
(On my terms, of course!)
The Tyrant Queen