Friday, October 05, 2007

Our press release!

Our publicist wrote this press release and is sending it to numerous publications. It's much better than the crap one that I wrote and had no idea to distribute it to!
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Here's the press release masterpiece. You'd want to check it out if you read about it, wouldn't you? Genius!


(BOULDER, Colorado) – A new horror novel
titled “Lost Beneath The Surface” is a story of demons,
angels, gods, goddesses and a vampire – and it was
co-written with the help of a ghost, according to author,
Lily Strange.

“I never set out to write a book with a ghost, it just
happened,” said Strange, who began writing the book 15
years ago as her marriage began falling apart. “It began
as a 2-dimensional Gothic romance, but it ended very

In 2005, Strange says she met a spirit who began working
with her on the manuscript. The story then took on an
entirely different tone.

“In my family, there are a lot of people with psychic
abilities,” said Strange. “One of my maternal
great-grandfathers always knew when people were going to
die and saw ghosts.”

Strange made contact with a dead musician who ended his
life in suicide. The ghost was receptive to Strange, as he
was quite lonely, she said. Soon, Strange began to work
with the ghost.

“He would read over my shoulder while I was working,” said
Strange. “He asked if I might like to hear some ideas he
had and before I knew it he was contributing enough that I
could only see fit to call him my co-author.”

The author, who says she has seen ghosts since the age of
16, said she wrote the book under a pen name, because she
is “sensitive about enduring the criticism that revealing
this supernatural partnership will subject me to.”

The complex horror novel blends true details of the
hard-rock-underground of the late 80s and early 90s with a
fantasy story. The result is an intricate and interwoven
tale of Terry Bruckham, a popular author who can’t catch a
break. Terry falls in love with London blues-rock singer,
Elvin Barris. Soon, in Terry’s dreams a terrifying threat
is revealed – dark forces that put the universe at stake.

An excerpt from the prologue:

“This is a story of love and loss, of triumph and
destruction, and of the knowledge that nothing in this
world will last forever … This is, if you will, a love

To purchase the e-book for $5.00, visit: It is also available for
$16.95 at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Half of the profits from book sales will be donated to the
World Health Organization's mental health division.

CONTACT: Author Lily Strange is available for interviews
with the media by calling (insert telephone#) or via e-mail at


TLP said...

I agree with you. Nice. Good job.

weirsdo said...

That is a good release.
I have had to put the book aside to catch up with Mall Diva's reading assignments (THE ODYSSEY at the moment), but I am almost done, and I also read your afterword, which I thought was well written and interesting. I am looking forward to seeing how (whether?) it will all be resolved.