Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sensible Suggestions from a Senseless Mind

Writers, I have but one word for you. And that word is Word.
Do NOT do what a certain idiot I know who shall remain nameless did and initially write your work in Publisher so you could see what it would look like as a book. It is a horrible pain in the ass to convert the old Publisher files. You have to buy Publisher as well as MS Office. Unless you also create flyers and newsletters, Publisher is extraneous. But certain idiots have had to download it so as to be able to read their old files which contain information that they may now want to use.
Besides, no publisher accepts files created in Publisher. Word is universally accepted. So when writing remember, the word that is gospel is Word.


Tom & Icy said...

And screen-play formatting programs are even worse. There are dozens out there, and none are compatible and they are expensive.

masterymistery said...

In the beginning was the Word (actually the WordPerfect). Technology mutates until it feels safe enough to announce its agenda explicitly. Now, What is the Traitor Word?

knightandbaby said...

Publisher? Was that easier to use?

Lily Strange said...

Do NOT get Publisher unless you are wanting to create flyers and print your own newsletters. It's a real pain in the ass for anything else. You'll just end up having to convert documents to Word anyway in order to submit them anywhere.