Friday, February 27, 2009

Poem: Lost Beneath the Surface

This is the lead-in poem for Section 1 in my published novel. It is ostensibly written by my protagonist.

The One Who Waits Beneath the Surface

I hate the moon—I am afraid of it—for when it shines on certain scenes familiar and loved it sometimes makes them unfamiliar and hideous.

H.P. Lovecraft

“What the Moon Brings”

Beneath the Surface

Forgotten over the years

Pushed to the back of minds weighed down with mundane concerns

He waits in solitude for the day

When someone may remember, and keep him company

A chill wind blows from the north

Reminding one who lives along the shore

Of someone she held dear in time long past

Yet the thought is more a whisper than a shout

He feels the pain of being a promise broken

Yet still he abides behind the veil

A soul immortal cannot die

But can be buried by the wretchedness of anguish borne alone

He looks down upon the sea below his vantage point

And longs to be free of his boundless solitude

He extends his arms, and falling forward from the height, joins the sea birds in their flight

Twisting, wheeling, unafraid

The soul immortal cannot die

He touches surf and is drawn beneath the waves

The sun reflects off the surface of the water,

Revealing a dark, familiar shape below

Along another shore in a world far away

A woman feels a pang within her breast

She is weary and wishes she could sleep forever

And walk the shores of an eternal dream

Something lies beneath the surface of her memories

A treasure that she lost long ago

Someone who understood the unflagging sorrow

A breath inhaled and exhaled, lost forever

She will reach beyond the veil this night

And take the hand of the one who waits

Forgotten to the conscious mind that buries dreams beneath stacks of unpaid bills

Burdened by joys thrust aside in favor of unending toil

Some things cannot be explained away by logic

Tested away by science, prayed away by dogmatic religion

She has labored long and hard for futile gain

Happiness has waited long enough

Tonight she shall sail away to join the one who waits beneath the waves

To dwell on shadowed shores where the blinding light of the orthodoxy never reaches

She is weary of a world wherein to survive she must forget what she holds most dear

Tonight is her last night among the striving masses

Tonight at last he rises from the sea

To dwell forever in the shadows of a land

Created by the dark dreams of souls misunderstood

Never again shall he abide alone

For at last he has someone to dream with

Teresa Kathleen Bruckham

July 12, 2009

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