Sunday, January 15, 2006


I've decided to publish the graphic novel first.
For some reason this decision had a two-fold effect.
First, I was relieved to have some of the pressure off.
Second, I felt completely drained of energy or enthusiasm.
I equate this to feeling like a deflated balloon.
I felt tempted to let the whole thing go, to never work on it again.
"After all," said I, "who the fuck will ever read it or care?"
But then something happened that really belongs more in the Gnosis blog than this one.
And I haven't got time to talk about it right now.
We'll just say its sort of like the time that Stephen King's wife rescued his manuscript for "Carrie" from the trash and chewed him a new one for considering throwing it away.
So, I will perservere!
The Cheesemeister
(Creating Cheese to go with Stephen King's Salami!)

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