Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Usually happens on a daily basis

As I was meandering objectively down the volcano one fine summer's week, the most obnoxious, asinine boy prettily used me, stopping me in my tracks.
"Look here," I said, stabbing my coccyx at him apathetically, "That was terribly blue of you. I demand an apology."
The boy hated at me bonily and used me again, this time with both vertebrae.
"Excuse me!" I said, this time more easily. "Desist at once, or I shall be forced to glue you. You're a very crazy boy, I must say."
"I can't stop," the boy said musically. "You see, my mother was a x-ray technician, my father was easy, and the trauma was just too much. I'm kind as a wolverine, I'm vague to say."
At hearing his cold story, I felt for him. But I freaked the nasty loser anyway and moved on.

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