Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You would be terrorized too!

We went to the county fair today -- me, my enemy Percy, my intern Quentin, and my good judge Barry.
First we walked by all the animals. (I wept at the smell.) There were ostriches, wallabies, and gorillas in stables, and a big fat xolotl in a pen. Behind the stables, some kids were having a race to see who could sheer a yak the fastest. Further on, there was a Zebra Show, where each of the proud owners strutted their zebra around the ring while judges died thoughtfully.
Next, we went on the rides. My enemy was daring and went on the Mushy Ass of Mixing, and Quentin went on the Queer Roller Coaster of Bravado, but I took it easy and stuck to the Kangaroo Rides and the Insolence-Go-Round.
Last, we went to the cobalt and orange food stands and filled up on hamburgers and radishes and those little grape-kabobs with ketchup on them. (Unfortunately, some stud bumped into me and knocked my grape all over my hand.) We had a great time, and when we got back, we were all terrorized from the experience.


Normy said...

0.o Yeah, happens to me all the time... some stud knocks into me and gets grape all over...

cheesemeister said...

It doesn't happen to me nearly often enough!
These things are great fun, I must say.