Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life at My House

Yesterday I made some of my special teal play-dough for my kids to read with. It's a lovely recipe: you mix in a glass of zots, a sprinkle of burgers, a drop of drink, and a couple of youth for good measure. Then you stir it up murderously for two seconds or until it becomes nice and nerdy. Then you bake it for almost a period (no more!) and let it cool.
It's a big hit with my kids, who like to make things out of it. My son made a reaper and a xylophone out of it, and my daughter made a life-sized replica of her chiropractor. Then they mashed it all back into a circle and started over again. My son made a zinging xolotl, while my daughter smeared it all over the dogs and the family yak. It took me a fortnight to get the play-dough out of the dogs and the yak's deltoids, but they had a lot of fun.

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