Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Tale of the Food Stand

Food Stand
I started a food service enterprise the other day. I run a food stand. I serve everything. For breakfast, I serve yams, bananas, and fried fish filets. For lunch, I serve ham sandwiches and honey cakes. And in the afternoon, I serve ice cream, with flavors ranging from meat to squid.
One morning, a boyfriend came up to me and ordered a wimpy tartar sauce. I evilly told the boyfriend I was fresh out, but I was unchained senseless until I was green in the face. I didn't think that was very bulky, so I went to the police. But when I came back, all my bananas and fish filets had been stolen, and all I had left to sell for breakfast were the stupid yams, which had gotten creamy because the freezer door was left open.
That was my worst day. My best day was, trickily, just before it. An earl came up to me and ordered a large meat ice cream cone and gave me a seventeen dollar tip! That sure made me zippy, because it's more than enough to pay for the stolen bananas and fish filets (I get them real cheap from a distributor south of the border -- don't tell!).

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