Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Longer Dragged Down

But making what may seem a strange decision.
Although I intend to "advertise" the book on my blogs when it comes out, I do not intend to have a link to my blog world on the book's website.
I really prefer to have a place where I can express myself in relative anonymity.
I really don't care about getting a lot of hits on my blogs. I'd rather have a few quality hits than a lot of crap hits.
Some of my blogs have disappeared off my blog roll. They still exist but I've come to the decision that I'd rather reveal them to people who I think might actually appreciate them than make them available to the "general public" and encounter "huh?" and "I don't get it" constantly.
When the book is published, this blog will no longer be on the blog roll.
It's not one of my more high-traffic blogs, but it is one where I tend to spill my guts.
I think that everyone needs some degree of anonymity to their lives. I think that some of these celebrities end up acting like idiots because they're in the public eye too much. Some of them actually start believing their own bullshit hype. And that's a really dangerous thing. Because no-one can live up to an image, including an image that they may have created.
Images are indestructible. Real psyches are fragile.
My fragile psyche is the reason some of my blogs will become invisible to the eyes of all but a select few.
I'm not saying you should be wowed by this "honor" because I don't really think it's that great of an honor. But maybe you can feel a little warm and fuzzy if I trusted you that much, because I don't trust easily.

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Amanda said...

because I don't trust easily.

Me too. Perfectly understand.