Thursday, March 15, 2007

Story Sentence for 3/15

In honor of St.Patrick's Day/My Brother's Birthday, here is your Story Sentence for the week!
“It sounds awful!” Kirstin said. “This place is wonderful, but oh, I wasn’t ready to be dead! I’ve got this great brother, he’s 24 years old, and my father...oh, this will kill them! I feel so torn—it’s so great here but I want to go back so my family won’t be sad. Do you ever feel that way?”


Lammy said...

"Give me a break, Kristin." Satan grumbled as he led her to her torture rack. "I've heard every story and excuse you fools could come up with over the past eons. Let me put it to you simply. You think you feel torn now, just wait until I get done with you! Red Green doesn't have enough duct tape to put you back together!"
"You have the cutest little horns." Kristin stroked them.
"Ohhhhhh! Please, that's my weakness!" Satan sighed and smiled for the first time ever!
She then licked them and he really went wild and panted like a thirsty dog.
We won't go into what else she did with his horns, but suffice to say she was reprieved and woke up in the hospital bed as they were giving her CPR.

Peter Piper said...

Hey, could she come down to the Happy Weiner and do that to MY horns after my next show?