Thursday, March 01, 2007

Begin The Month With This

What's happening here? Who's lost what? Are you lost already? Find me an answer!
“Lucy’s loss is my gain,” Terry mused. “But is Patrick’s loss Elvin’s gain? Not that either Lucy or Patrick has any say in the matter now.”


Lammy said...

"Sure, Terry, sure!" Lucy snarled up her nose as she hugged herself. "You still have your clothes."
"This sure is my gain, seeing you like that." Terry laughed as he nudged Elvin with his elbow.
"I think you cheated, somehow." Lucy continued to hunch over and hide her nakedness from the guys.
Patrick placed his hands over his bare lap saying, "I never was very good at Poker."
"I guess we're the real winners this time." Elvin grinned at Terry.
"Don't be so sure." Lucy gave Patrick a coy look, then moved close to him. She climbed onto his lap and began kissing him passionately.
Patrick took a deep breath after that kiss an said, "Maybe I ain't such a loser after all!"

King Smut said...

I love it! Great idea for my next film! Thanks, Lammy!

Will B. Hard said...

We should merge our film companies, King Smut.

King Smut said...

I'm all for it, Will, if we can make more Quatloos!