Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Deities Locking Horns

Yes! We met the challenge and the aforementioned chapter is complete--in first draft form, at any rate. Here is a short paragraph that you can have fun speculating an outcome for, should you wish.
Don't worry, I'm not using this as a method to steal material. First, I have the whole chapter completed before I ever submit a paragraph for this exercise. Second, usually the things that other people come up with are completely removed from what's actually going on in the chapter, and that's part of the fun. So have a go at this if you like!

Freya looked away for a moment and sighed. She was weary of this conversation and it had only begun. Thor and Tyr both seemed to be taking accusing postures and she wasn’t sure what Hades wanted. That one played both sides, just like Hel. His demeanor was serene but she was sure he had ulterior motives. Still, at the moment she would much rather deal with Hades than Thor and Tyr.

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