Monday, August 20, 2007

Little Goals = Big Accomplishments?

I've been doing a program called Tools to Life and this is what I posted on my blog there. Check it out and if you decide you might like to do it, tell 'em Cheesemeister referred you.

I think Day 9 has been the most relevant to what I needed to hear. There are no big accomplishments, only big results of multiple small accomplishments. It makes all the little "bullcrap" I have to do every day seem not quite as unimportant.

Promoting this book is an unimaginable horror. The book itself is a horror novel--the plot pales by comparison to promoting the sucker! I think a goal I could realistically achieve would be contacting one radio station or reviewer a day to attempt to promote it. I avoided papering my walls with rejection slips by publishing on demand because major publishers these days won't touch an unknown. Guess I get to have rejection slips anyway. Ah well, joke 'em if they can't take a f**k.


Doug said...

Your book arrived. I'm in the middle of several and might not read for awhile, but can I say I'm impressed with the size? I mean, I know it's the reading that matters and all.

Cheesemeister said...

Doug, that's all right--I gave a copy to my son and he probably won't read it until he's 30. (He's 17 now.) Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy it!