Monday, November 26, 2007

Mysterious Lily Strange Spotted at Stonehenge

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The mysterious author Lily Strange was spotted at Stonehenge with her pet penguin Penguino today. It is reported that the peculiar pair were beamed there by a UFO piloted by the Alien Guy. Strange, reportedly, was hoping to "hook up with Mr. Spock," but Spock was advised by a certain mysterious hooded spectre holding a can of Whoop Ass that this would not be logical.


Lammy said...

Watch out. That is the place where Enditall cursed me and changed my head into a sheep head. Hey, she sort of looks like me before my head was changed.

Dr. Quincy said...

I think that Enditall knows that cursing Lily would be a moot point given that the mysterious spectre would probably just get drunk to work up his courage and then he'd kiss her, like last time. Or Black Metal Tinkerbell would drop a load of pixie dust on them if Enditall cursed both of them. The little fairy is immune to Enditall's curses, but she isn't immune to fly swatters. Don't tell Enditall I told you that.