Thursday, November 01, 2007

The return of Indie

Indie is back. So here is the first short-short story I've been able to write in awhile. Remember, you can add to it if you want!
Missi went to one of THOSE schools where art and writing were sneered at and only science and math were respected. The only place she could find to draw was in the girls' bathroom at lunch. This worked pretty well until the one day when Priscilla the Math Club Queen walked in on her.
"Ooooh, I'm gonna TELLL!!!!" Priscilla cried.
Being caught involved in artistic expression was far worse than being caught smoking in the bathroom. Even being caught smoking crack would have been better than this. Missi was doomed.
When I'm feeling low (which I have been for the past day) I start feeling sorry for myself, wishing that when I put out a piece like this people would actually participate like they do at Doug's or Indie's blogs. I'm not begrudging them their popularity, they fully deserve it. Sometimes I revel in being a big scary freak with red eyes and blood dripping from my fangs and claws. Other times I kind of wish that people would mistake me for cute and least until I was able to get them into my web of deceit and eat their intestines for lunch.


Tom & Icy said...

Just like belly buttons are innies and outies, people are introverted and extroverted. Doug and Indie, like so many other popular bloggers, are extroverted and when they comment or respond to comments they focus on the other person. Notice you know very little about them from their comments because they concentrate on the other. Also if you notice, the readers they attract are mostly introverted and when they make comments, they talk about themselves or their views and opinions and ignore what the writer expressed. Introverts who concentrate on themselves are attracted to extroverts who concentrate on the others. It doesn't matter if you are weird or mainstream; the way to get readers is to feed the egos of introverts and give them a platform to express themselves at the sacrifice of expressing yourself. And of course the reverse is true in that introverted blogs that say 'I did this' and 'I think that' attract extroverted readers who are largely interested in others. This is over-simplified and not exactly on the mark, but it gives us something to think about in blogging. Just how much do you really know about Doug or Indie compared to some others? This is just considering what makes blogs popular. Popularity does not reflect right or wrong or good or bad. The way to a fellow bloggers heart is through their stomach--feed their ego.
Oh! Somebody slap me!

Cheesemeister said...

I don't think I'm actually that self centered (maybe I am, but it's a hateful kind of self centered) but I've tried communicating in the more extroverted way, focusing solely on the other person rather than what I believe is relating to what they said by telling a story of how something similar happened to me, and I always felt really fake when I did it. Not that everyone who communicates that way is a fake, just that I always felt fake. I've been told that telling my little "I relate to you" anecdotes is actually a form of horrific selfishness. I don't know...maybe I really am that awful. I'm not seeing a hell of a lot of good today.

Rising Rainbow said...

I have to say I think maybe tom & icy have a point here. Interesting. I hadn't thought it before.