Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun With books

Here is a little game you can play which I got from Jackiesue. You are supposed to grab the closest book and turn to page 123. Well, I wanted to use sentences from my book so I cheated. It kinda freaks me out that I turned right to page 123! At any rate, you go to the fifth sentence and then copy the three sentence that follow. So here's my very own Page 123 thang. I kinda cheated because I wanted to use the whole paragraph, so I'm starting with the fifth sentence and copying the whole paragraph.

"Whose choice was it, Father?" a dark haired woman, the mother of the precocious twins, asked. "For I should like to speak to whoever made this choice, because I am not happy about this. I don't mind it here, it is a good place, and you are a good God. But I am furious that my husband and my parents will have to suffer for losing the children and me this way. Why, Sir? Can you tell me why?"

If you'd like, you can play the game too, and you can think of your own sentences to add to my paragraph!

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