Sunday, February 03, 2008

Story Contest Declared a Bust

Story Contest Canceled
by Kizz Myass
for The Crappy Times

The Great Valentine's Story Contest (see post below) has been canceled due to fear of the wrath of Brittney and/or lack of interest. You're still welcome to submit a story if you wish but there is no longer any competitive factor. Yam Man would be proud!
Kizz Myass


Tom & Icy said...

It will be a lot better if Cheesemeister or Lily Strange writes a story each week or month. Show us what you got! You guys were putting up some of your short stories there for a while.

spooky said...

I think it's fear of the wrath of Brittney.

knightandbaby said...

I have a plot and the story started but I am not great with deadlines, as you can tell from my submital in the Fruitcake contest. And I guess Brittney can be pretty scary too... ... ...