Thursday, January 22, 2009

Million Monkeys Snippet

Wait For The Flames
Realizing that there is nowhere to run, nowhere to escape, you wait for the flames to engulf you. Expecting excruciating pain, you are surprised to instead see the room fading around you as the flames lick about you painlessly. Grateful at least for a seemingly painless death, you fall into a faint. When you awaken, you are lying on the bed in a somewhat shabby hotel room. You look about, trying to determine where you are, but nothing gives any immediate clues. Taking a moment to consider your options, you notice that there is a telephone, a television, and a door leading out of the hotel room.
Do you:
Call the front desk and talk to the clerk to determine what hotel you're in?
Turn on the television to see what you can determine?
Leave the room?


Tom & Icy said...

Must be like ESP; I had thought about that exact same thing a month or two ago as a plot line for Lammy, but never used it. Just forgot about it. I'll send you a pic on facebook.

Lily Strange said...

Glad you decided to use Facebook again. I'm kind of on and off with it. I call it "Crackbook." Its easy to get sucked into it for an hour or two.