Saturday, May 16, 2009

My latest 1 Million Monkeys Snippet

It was noplace that I could ever remember being in my life. It was so beautiful and clean. No smog on the horizon, in fact, nary a sound of a motor anywhere. The buzzing of bees, the chirping of birds, this was all I could hear. I walked over to the lake and waded in up to my knees, then walked back out and sat down on the wonderful soft grass. Could I have died and gone to Heaven? This was all too beautiful to be real.

I looked at the trees surrounding the lake. There seemed to be every kind of tree imaginable. Palm trees, pine trees, willow trees, apple trees. Truly, this must be Eden, or some very close approximation.
I walked over to one of the apple trees and grabbed an apple. It was perfectly ripe, not a blemish anywhere. As I was about to take a bite, I heard a low, hissing voice beside me.
"Don't eat that. You remember what happened last time."
I looked slightly down and to my right. A serpent was coiled around the tree. A talking serpent, admonishing me not to eat the apple.
Then something cold and slimy tapped me on the left arm. Another snake proceeded to speak to me.
"Don't listen to that wuss. These are good apples. The best in the Universe. Every one filled with knowledge. You know you want to eat it. Trust me."
"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing," the first snake warned. "A lot can be downright deadly."
I looked at the snakes and back at the apple. Did I listen to the snake on the right or the snake on the left? Whatever I chose could effect every being in the Universe. What to do?

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Tom & Icy said...

It's all self delusion, when you walk across the beach, the tide washes your footprints away.