Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paying for Entre Card

I use Entre Card ( and I do think it gets results. However, I simply do not have time to be doing drops on a regular basis. I think it is helpful to go through and examine the various blogs once a month, however, to find possible advertising sources, as I am always looking for cheap, effective advertising.

I decided to pay for my Entre Card advertising. At 60 cents for 1000 impressions or 4 cents per click, it is pretty affordable. And unlike Google, I can pay as I go rather than having my debit card nuked for a minimum of $5 a day. While a lot of Internet marketers use Entre Card, it seems that a lot of creatives use it as well. I get no compensation for sharing this information. It is simply my impression of the service.

I also intend to add a question to my main site asking people to tell me where they found me.

Sometimes its hard for us right brain types to wrap our heads around the left brain stuff necessary for promotion. It's been a hell of a journey for me. Which is why I like to share what I find, to make it easier for others.

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