Friday, February 23, 2007


This paragraph beckons for more heavy subject matter than the preceding ones, but who knows what the handful of nuts reading this blog might come up with? I shudder to think of--I mean, eagerly await the outcome.
“Should Heaven extend its mercies even to young Per, Kristina?” Hel mocked. “Or do you in truth believe that he deserves to suffer eternally for the sorrow he caused your brother? And do you not believe deep down that he caused the death of Horst? Think carefully before you answer, Kristina. The truth can make a great deal of difference in the fates of those being judged.”


Lammy said...

"Okay, already!" Kristina said as her tears rained onto the picture of her brother, Hashish Henry. "Alfred Packard might have had some good qualities in him, and good manners while eating my brother, except for the burping part. But he didn't have to tear the crust of the bread off and feed it to the birds right in front of our child, Little Toke."
Hel scratched his butt vigorously, then smelled his fingers and began picking his nose as he spoke, "You think Horst died from food poisoning from parts of Henry that Alfred served in his restaurant?"
Kristina grimaced, then vomitted violently onto Hel's shoes. "I wish you wouldn't do that!"
"What? What?" Hel bent over to wipe off his shoes, then returned his hankerchief into his pocket.
"You don't have to talk about my brother, Henry, like he was a stale sandwich." Kristina wiped the dripping puke from her chin with her bare fingers, then flipped it onto Hel's sweater.
Hel looked down in dismay, then grabbed a cream pie and threw it into Kristina's face. "That was for Horst! I loved him so!" He yelled those words.
"That ain't funny" Kristina screamed. "I hope you burn in hell, Hel!"

Cheesemeister said...

Stop, you're killing me! I haven't laughed that hard in literally months!
Damn, I needed that!

Lammy said...

Heck! That was meant to be profound and serious! You done went and hurt my feeling now!