Friday, July 27, 2007

Contemporary Authors Bio

This is my bio for the contemporary authors database:

I used to write simply as an outlet for the overwhelming emotions I always experienced, which I now know are due to bipolar disorder. I was always fascinated by the horror genre, perhaps because horrific creatures and scenarios could be used as metaphors for powerful emotions and sometimes uncontrollable situations. It also served as a catharsis for the terrifying nightmares that I have experienced all of my life.
Now I write for these reasons and additionally to allow my co-author, a discarnate spirit who lost his life to suicide, to have a creative outlet for his emotions and to impart his very important messages to the world as well. He is a great partner, incredibly intelligent, creative and supportive, and I can't imagine working without him ever again. We refine and balance each other's ideas.
I once wanted the glory of being published under my own name, but due to the controversy of my belief that I am creating my works with a somewhat notorious spirit, this is not possible. At first I grieved the loss of my dream of possibly having my own name recognized alongside the likes of Stephen King.
My personal renown no longer matters. What matters is the message my co-author and I can impart through our stories. We literally hope to save lives through our works. 50% of the profits from our books will be donated to the World Health Organization's mental health division.
In the long run, it really doesn't matter whether or not the reader believes that I'm actually working with a ghost. What matters is that he or she is intrigued enough by the book to buy a copy and hopefully tell their friends to do the same. Then we can help the World Health Organization prevent suicides and end the stigma that those with mental illness endure.

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