Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let The Game Continue!

Since I don't have to think very hard about doing this, I'm having a lot of fun. I need fun right now! Here's sentence #2 for you to conjure up your own little scenario for.
“It’s only in his experience,” Greta the observer informed Greta the participant. “If he can be convinced…”
So who is "he" and what does he need to be convinced of?


actonbell said...

HE is a sad, friendless john who has gotten quite drunk and visited a whorehouse. He must be convinced that there is no mirror--Greta and Greta really are identical twins.

Happy Valentines Day

Lammy said...

“It’s only in his experience,” Greta the observer informed Greta the participant. “If he can be convinced…”

Greta the participant sneared back at her mirror image interrupting rudely with a whisp of harshness in her voice, "Convince him? Him? He who believes only what he sees? He believes that his experience is the only reality. Anything outside his five senses is considered nothing but fantasy and imagination."

"We must add the surreal to his experience and then he will believe and be convinced of all this." Greta the observer spoke calmly trying to relieve Greta the participant of her anxiety.

But the participating Greta shook and grimaced with exaggeration as she threw words at her otherworldly clone like throwing rocks, "You cannot force a person to see what they do not wish to see! And he is blind to any world but his own."

The observer smiled serenely with wile radiating from her countenance as she glided closer to speak with half-whispered words like offering a delicate china plate, "If he could see us both together, if he saw us side by side, then he might be convinced that there is more to the world."

But the participant rejected the words as if taking the plate and wielding it against the wall with a crash, "If if if if! But never would he allow himself to see you! Just how could you impose your visage upon him? Tell me that!"

Cheesemeister said...

It does kind of feel like that the morning after. Fortunately the only time I got drunk and woke up next to "something" that I wouldn't touch in a million years, we both had our clothes on!

Intense! I've kinda felt this way too.
And everyone wonders why I don't "play the game" anymore!

Raine said...

Greta the observer was "Greta2" Greta the participants alter personality that observed and guided her thru the experience of having her first puppy. Greta had never had a puppy before and was facing a kitchen with the trash can tipped over . All the trash was shredded and strewn over the entire house. She was complaining that she didnt know how she would stop the the puppy from doing this again as obviously it had been great fun for him and he had found lots of good tasting scraps. "Its only in his experience" Greta the observer informed Greta the participant. "if he can be convinced that trash tastes awful and and that chewing it is a bad experience then he will stop" So they went to the pet store and bought some bitter apple spray and sprayed all the trash in the can. The they hid in the bedroom and observed the puppy. He wandered the house , sniffed around and became bored. After half an hour or so he went for the trash. Greta held her breath. Sure enough- he tipped it over and gleefully snatched a mouthful of paper. Suddenly he dropped the paper and his mouthed contorted into a grimace and he backed away from the trash . He walked up to it again and sniffed it.Backed away from it again and then headed straight to the water bowl. The puppy lapped up half the water in the bowl and went to his fluffly bed in the corner and laid down going Umph. Problem solved

Cheesemeister said...

Damn, that's a brilliant idea. If only it would work on my dachshunds. They'd just enjoy the sour apple stuff too!

Raine said...

Have you tried bitter apple? They sell it the pet store and it works GREAT!!! I got some for my ferrets and my son thought it wouldnt work for his dog. We tested it on a soda bottle. ( she totally loves shredding plastic soda bottles) She picked it up once and we would throw it and try to get her to go get it. Normally she'd be after it like white on rice. This time she looked at us like F*CK YOU . I totally recommend bitter apple spray!!!

BiPolar Guy said...

"It’s only in his experience,” Greta the observer informed Greta the participant. “If he can be convinced…”

And he was convinced. Greta had been practising for many, many years now and had finally melded her subjective and objective selves. She had crossed the bridge between mind & matter, absolute & relative, observer & participant. She had finally arrived - the mapmaker was part of the map.

He could see it in her Buddha-like bliss. He had no option but to be convinced.

Cheesemeister said...

I have tried unsuccessfuly for years to follow Greta's example!
Welcome, fellow creative lunatic.