Friday, February 16, 2007

Post-birthday Paragraph

This might be the best one yet! See what you can do with it.
“It was only to be a joke,” he sobbed. “But I seem to make Kristina believe she truly look as a cow. She is so tall and big, but not really like a cow.”


Amanda said...

"How could you do this to me Dan! My wife won't have sex with me now. She out now in the garden naked mooing for a bull! You better come up with a good reason, why I shouldn't rip out your balls and stuff them in your mouth!"

"Well," Dan replied in a shaky but hopeful voice. "Have you tried dressing up as a bull?"

Gertie the Goat said...

I think dressing up like a bull would be a great idea, but a RAM? Now that's really hot!
Just ask Lammy when you see her!

Raine said...

LMAO- ok Amanda cracked me up- Im gonna have to come back and think again another time. If I had an idea it just got laughed right out of my head

Lammy said...

Siggy sat in the police interregation room with his hands on the table as the detectives shot questions at him like a machine gun: "Why would you do such a thing?" "How did you do it?" "Are you a mad scientist?" "Do you know black magic?"

"It wasn't my fault, really. I was just teasing her." A moment of silence. “It was only to be a joke,” he sobbed. “But I seem to make Kristina believe she truly looks like a cow. She is so tall and big, but not really like a cow.”

No, Siggy wasn't a mad scientist nor did he know magic. It was psychology. He was in his first year of college and taking an introductory course. Of course, newbes to the field have to analyze and try out all the theories on their friends. This case showed why they say "A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing." They think they know it all but soon realize they have a lot to learn!

Siggy was just reading a lesson and became excited, wanting to try it out on someone. And the first person he saw was Kristina. He knew very little about her or what was going on inside of her. He only saw a tall, big girl with large sad eyes. Little did he realize how self-conscious she was about her appearance.

As Siggy talked with Kristina, making her believe he was a friend and genuinely interested in her, he began questioning her and got her to talk about her poor self-image and how she call herself a cow. Instead of trying to comfort her or change her self-image, he joked around and made sounds like, "Moooo" while agreeing with the negative things she said about herself. This reinforced her poor self-image.

Siggy had also failed to observe Kristina closely, not noticing the witch amulet she wore around her neck. Yes, Kristina was studying witchcraft. She was the one who knew black magic and she turned herself into a cow because of his reinforcement of her self-image.

Cheesemeister said...

Good thing I don't have one of those witch amulets! With my poor self esteem, you never know what might happen.