Friday, February 09, 2007

Let's Play a Game

This blog has been neglected for a long time, so people have probably forgotten it exists, but let's see what happens.
I'm bored with waiting for my editor to get the latest segment of my story with revisions back to me. But I want to do something with the story. So the game goes something like this. I'll give you a sentence from the story and you create a little paragraph or idea of your own surrounding it. It's kind of like what we do with the pictures on Indie's blog, though not nearly so clever.
Ready? Here's your sentence.
Niles couldn’t bear the pain. He began to weep.
Unlike Indie, who figures it out as he goes along, I know the reason why Niles is weeping because that is one of my great powers! And because I already wrote the story. But I want you to tell me why you think Niles is not a happy camper. Now go to it!


Indeterminacy said...

Here's my spontaneous two cents worth:

Here it was Valentine's day and not one man woman or beast had told Niles that they hate him. They loved him! Dozens of Valentine's cards, boxes of chocolate and even bouquets of roses, none of them black, professed love love and more love. Just like in the top ten songs played on the radio. Niles was disgusted. Then it began to hurt. Then he cried.

Cheesemeister said...

Haaaa!! I love it!
Reverse Valentine's day problems.
Myself, I plan to get some truffles and sit on my fat, sweats-clad ass eating them.

Lammy said...

Niles buried his hands deep in his pockets as he waded through the snow. He came upon an old friend and warmth swelled up inside him like a fireplace being stoked. With a wide smile he greeted his friend, but the friend was not friendly, as a matter of fact he ignored Niles and walked past without so much as a glimpse toward him.

He must have something heavy on his mind, Niles thought as he pressed on through the snow until he saw his dog. It was near, and Niles called and whistled to his best friend, but it ignored him as if he wasn't there. He stood aghast as the dog passed him without so much as a glimpse toward him.

He then saw his wife walking arm in arm with another man. Who is he? Niles approached them and spoke, but again was ignored as they hugged and kissed, then walked on past him without so much as a glimpse toward him.

The warmth inside him turned cold as he turned and looked back. What's this? He was appalled as he saw that he had left no footprints in the snow.

Niles couldn’t bear the pain. He began to weep.

Cheesemeister said...

You know, I've had days like this. Except for the realizing that I was dead. I was simply being ignored.
Excellent--and an eerie twist at the end.

Raine said...
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Raine said...

The pain was excruciating. Niles couldn't believe he had been such an idiot. WHY had he let John convince him that taking that little blue pill was such a great idea and that it would make him a superstud? Maybe it was seeing his inbox flooded with spam day after day after day. Spam that told him he needed this pill. Then its valentines day and he has the infamous "3rd date" with Sukie. Niles was so nervous and excited he was seriously worried that when the moment came it would be over in a heartbeat and he would left with an ummm embarassing situation of saying "i'll make it better for you next time honey?" So when John offered him the little blue pill, like a dumbass Niles took it. Niles took Sukie out to a wonderfully romantic dinner and when they were leaving the restaurant, she tripped on the curb and sprained her ankle. OF course being the gentlemen he is , he got her taken of and took her home and made plans for another night. That was yesterday. Its been 24 hours and Niles is STILL sporting the evidence of having taken that pill. The pain is nearly killing him. He's terrified he has done permanent damage and hasnt gone to the ER because he is terrified of the humiliation of having to admit why a 24 year old healthy male was taking Viagra in the first place.............. weeping he realizes hes gonna have to suck it up and go in .

Cheesemeister said...

He should have taken Enzyte, the Natural Male Enhancement, like Smilin' Bob!
Funny as hell!

Raine said...

AHHHHHHHHH I HATE BOB!!!!!!! Everytime I see that commercial I wanna push him right back in pool and slap those stupid grins right off those bimbo's faces!!! "Bob has some well deserved respect from the neighborhood" just what the hell does THAT mean?!?!? Take Enzyte and you will be doing all your neighbors wifes?? grrrrr I hate Bob and his "grin" and the stupid Burger King clown . They make me psychotic LMAO. Cie you found my psychosis buttons. Oh yeah and teletubbies too :P those freaky little things make me wanna stand over their holes with a baseball bat and wait for em to come up- ok now that I have displayed MY irrational, slightly psychotic weirdness- Happy Valentines Day LOLOLOL.........can we go push Bob in the pool? can we? huh huh can we??

Cheesemeister said...

This from a "Monty" cartoon.
Somewhere I have a picture of the Teletubbies After Dark featuring "Tipsy, Ta-Ta, Drinky-Winky and Ho."
It's ok with me if you want to push Bob into a pool. Still, I find him amusing in an obnoxious sort of way. The ads I hate are the ones that have these men in their late 40's or so with these skanks that can't be much over 30, if that. The ad says something like "she knows you've still got it after all these years." Well, I hope this means because she was the barely legal secretary he was screwing and not his daughter, which is what it looks like. I HATE those fucking ads! They make Bob look like King Kool!

Austin said...

everyone knows no amount of enzyme is going to keep you "tall" in water. When a guy gets out of a pool he can only hope it hasn't shriveled up inside somewhere swearing to never stand again. That part of the commercial is truly fake. Not even Bob could use it after getting out of a pool but nay, the commercial fails to mention it only works if you've been OUT of water for several hours.


Cheesemeister said...

That was WAY more information on Bob's "bag of goodies" than I needed! LMAO! But you are so right--most dudes complain about their business retreating inside their body when they jump into cold water!