Sunday, December 14, 2008

Afternoon Football Game

I enjoy placing paragraphs from my book on my creative spaces and having people add on to the story to see how it differs from what really happened. This is one of the more pleasant scenarios in the tale.

Feel free to add on if you'd like to play!

“How long did I take this beating from my flesh and blood?” he gasped, collapsing on the lawn. “Oh, hell, I’m going to be sore tomorrow!”

“We played a full half, Pappa,” Kristina said. “And we only beat you by a point.”

“So age and skill ties youthful enthusiasm,” Lennart said, sitting down next to his son on the grass. “My legs may not have the speed they used to but I still have the eyes of a nearsighted hawk. I caught most of ‘em.”

“You’ve still got it, Pappa,” Per agreed. “And I’ve got it too. Sore, aching muscles, that is! Serena! Bring the liniment! I’m dying here!”

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