Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well, Excuuuuuuuse me!

I've been using that dang Entre Card thing as a form of advertising on the Lost Beneath the Surface blog. In a lot of ways its a huge pain in the ass, but any port in a storm for the broke among us, I say. I was DECLINED for advertising on this blog that I won't give a trackback link to.

The thing that actually bothers me is that the site owner didn't give a reason, so all I can do is speculate. That's always fun. Aside from seeming a bit of a...oh, I dunno, goody goody, my speculations are that they may be a Fundie and thus offended by my outlook on life, unlife, the universe and everything. Or they think that since I'm not a Christian that I'm a Satan worshiper. Kind of like the "if you aren't with us you're a terrorist" philosophy.
They may be offended by cussing. Perhaps they don't think my book is educational. Well, that's certainly academic--or not. Whatever the reason I really don't care, but one could at least give a reason upon declining an ad request! That's the thing that's actually driving me crazy and making me want to go teepee their house and generally behave in a juvenile fashion. Of course I'll actually do nothing because it isn't worth it and would only seem childish.

If you participate in the Entre Card thing, give the person a reason when you decline their advertising request. Then at least they'll know!

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