Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Will vs. Lil

This was a topic posted on the writer-readers forum at Library Thing:
Message 1: CliffBurns
From an interview with acclaimed British author Will Self (TIN HOUSE magazine):

“I do think electronic publishing is likely to further subvert the print media in the next few years, but I’ve no doubt that the medium isn’t altogether the message. Simply because there’s another way of making views known, it doesn’t mean that good style, research, or engaging opinions aren’t required. There’s an aspect of the internet forums that presupposes—and enacts!—that old canard that everyone has a novel in him. I don’t think everyone does at all—and the Net is a medium which unfortunately makes it easier for those who have bad novels and miscellaneous other screeds to get them out.”

I wonder what Will would think of this notion that November is "National Novel Writing Month", where EVERYONE is encouraged to start and finish a first draft of the novel they think they're destined to write...

This was my reply:
There are some truly, truly horrible books in print. Some of them even do quite well as far as sales go. Then again, there are some very wonderful authors who are needing exposure. Who is this dude to say that people don't have the right to give it a shot? I think it's somewhat arrogant on his part. I say, take it where you can get it. Who knows where you may end up.

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